Monday, May 18, 2009

These deserve a post of their own!!

This one is for all the ladies...ENJOY!!!

Kenny Chesney pictures from the front row!!

kenny chesney

Month of May.....

While April was a busy month for us May has proved to be even more eventful so far! The first weekend of May we had the first annual crawfish boil at the camp house. If you know my husband you know he is an over achiever and starts planning for things several weeks in advance so this was no different. It took weeks to plan but it turned out great and the crawfish were DELICIOUS! (and spicy!!) The entire week after the boil Gavin and I were on a honeymoon sort of. My parents kept monkey for the week so Gavin and I took advantage of being able to go to bed early, sleep late and eat as much junk food as possible! It was nice but I am still paying for it two weeks later. If we didn’t have monkey we would be worthless, broke and the size of a small car!!! The next weekend was Mother’s Day and we headed back to Ga to get my monkey and spend the weekend at the lake, which was very relaxing and much needed. Last week was Monkey’s last week of Mother’s Day Out until June 16th so that was non-stop chaos with all the “end of the year” special snacks and making sure everything was taken care of before the end of the school year!! On Thursday night, another night that we have been planning for, for several months now….the KENNY CHESNEY CONCERT!!! The tickets have been a “big secret” from me but no one in my family can keep secrets so I got wind several times but I didn’t believe it until I was sitting in my seat. FRONT ROW, CENTER STAGE!!! It was the BEST concert experience EVER!! We saw Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert with Blake Shelton and of course Kenny Chesney!!! I touched his leg and Gavin gave him a “tator”. We had a blast! THANKS GIGI!!! This past weekend was the first real weekend of down time we’ve had this month and we took full advantage of it. We didn’t get out of our jammies all day on Saturday and Sunday we got dressed just long enough for church and lunch but we were back in our jammies shortly there after!! Of course we have something planned for the next two weekends so May will end just the way it started. BUSY!! I hope everyone is enjoying this spring so far and I look forward to what the rest of the year holds!

Picture Updates from April

Lots of pictures from Easter at the lake as well as a playdate with Cooper.

Sorry it took me so long Marg!!

Playdate with Cooper..
2009-04-17 playdate2

Easter at the Lake...
easter at the lake

Monday, March 30, 2009

down on the farm....

this weekend we headed to nashville to visit gavin's cousin tottie and her precious family. unfortunatly it took a terrible tragedy to get us to nashville again but i promise we will not wait that long for the next trip. tottie and her family including her parents live on this wonderful farm near nashville that is absolutley adorable. there is so much open space for the kids to play as well as a goat named maggie who thinks she's a child and a miny horse named TP i could have brought home with me! oh yeah and the crazy dog and two cats with the addition of two kittens while we were there! it was a very sad time for the entire family but the farm was the best place for everyone to be together. especially the kids, things seemed a little brighter when all those babies were running around the farm enjoying the simples things in life, it was very theraputic for all. i am so very much looking forward to going back this summer and as if the farm couldn't get any better they are putting in a pool...i may never leave!!

in closing this blog entry i ask that you keep tottie, landon, alan elizabeth, nane, uncle butch, mark's sweet parents and anyone who was touched by Mark Word in his short life time in your thoughts and prayers. they've lost their husband, father and son, God will heal their hearts and lead them through this tragic event and every prayer will help fill up what seems so empty right now.

Thank You for all the thoughts and prayers for this special family.

below are a few pictures from the weekend....enjoy!

pictures of my kitchen...

finally a few pictures from our painting experience. i am very happy with the kitchen and it really looks great now that it's put back together....
the next part of the process will be picking out fabric for my window treatments in the kitchen and doing a painting for my living room...stay tuned!


2009-03-06 pillows

Saturday, March 21, 2009


so i am still making progress on redoing my kitchen walls are done...

two weeks ago i went to lowes and bought 4 cans of sample paint (something lowes is doing now instead of those little cards) because i couldn't decide on the color so i thought if i put the 4 colors on the wall in a small area and look at it for several days i could decide. WRONG!! my parents came in this weekend with rollers in hand ready to paint my kitchen and i was still undecided. my dad and i took a trip back to lowes friday morning with me thinking ok just walk in there and pick one jennifer!! well i ended up getting a color totally different from any of the 4 samples on my wall. go figure!
so friday we tapped off and got the first coat on. we decided to let that coat dry over night and painted the second coat this morning. after we finished painting we spent the rest of the afternoon outside playing with my monkey. the weather was beautiful, my monkey ran around most of the day half naked and loved every minute of it. he even got a little sun kissed on his cheeks and shoulders.

so Tree Moss it is for the walls....I LOVE IT!!! next is back to finish a painting for the living room and then finding fabric for the window treatment in my kitchen...

stayed tuned....

Sunday, March 8, 2009

sick baby....

we have a very sick baby on our hands! i think we have a little stomach bug because it has been UGLY around here since about 4:30 am!!! thank goodness for beautiful weather so we can open all the windows to air out the smell!!! every towel and sheet set i own is in the laundry room either in the wash, in the dryer or waiting to be washed!! every blanket we own is draped over a chair in the backyard....we've resorted to covering up with clean towels as they come out of the dryer! fun stuff!

i will keep everyone posted on how our monkey is feeling tomorrow