Sunday, March 8, 2009

sick baby....

we have a very sick baby on our hands! i think we have a little stomach bug because it has been UGLY around here since about 4:30 am!!! thank goodness for beautiful weather so we can open all the windows to air out the smell!!! every towel and sheet set i own is in the laundry room either in the wash, in the dryer or waiting to be washed!! every blanket we own is draped over a chair in the backyard....we've resorted to covering up with clean towels as they come out of the dryer! fun stuff!

i will keep everyone posted on how our monkey is feeling tomorrow


Ashley Waldrop said...

Poor Monkey..He just can't seem to stay well this winter. Hopefully we will stay well this spring!

How funny we chose the same background. For some reason I am obsessed with the little birds and trees. My myspace background is VERY similar and I am very close to ordering AR a comforter set from Pottery Barn Kids with little birds, trees, and leaves on it! I guess I am just ready for Spring!

I am so glad your back..I was afraid you might have given up on blogging! I missed reading about the adventures of Monkey!! I haven't caught back up on your pictures but I will soon. Hope little man gets to feeling better!!

codie lee said...

ok i missed yall!!! and poor monkey man! i am glad you are back.. i was about to venture down to calera and start a search party! miss you and love you!