Friday, October 31, 2008

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i hope everyone has a safe halloween!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

big trouble!

so i was laying on the couch last night watching tv and my son kept sneaking up behind me and nagging me! pulling my hair, touching my face, putting his hat on my head ect. this went on for a little while so i decided when he did it the next time i would scare him! so here he came and i grab his arm and started acting like i was going to bite it off...big mistake!!! we both laughed and i put him on the couch with me but he sat there for about a min. then he was gone again! so i hear him coming again and i'm waiting on him to pull my hair or put the hat back on my head but to my surprise...HE BIT ME!!! right on the arm and i mean hard!!! i was shocked! it was a delayed reaction but i popped him on his bottom and sent him to his room! i guess it's true what they say...babies will pick up on anything adults do!! i felt bad so i went and got him from his room and explained to him that biting is BAD!!! he just looked at me did it first!! ooopsy!! BAD MOMMY!! these pictures were taken about 10 min after it happened and of course i have a big bruise today!!

2008-10-30 bite

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

tis the season for carvin' pumpkins and runny noses!!

last night we decided to carve our pumpkins! being the neat freaks we are i insisted that it be done outside but of course it was freezing and mack's nose started running as soon as we walked outside! he was only interested in the pumpkins for about 5 min then he decided he had enough! daddy and I finished our pumpkins in the freezing cold but they turned out great! we took the pumpkins inside to try and get some pictures but no luck with that either because go go(go diego go) was on tv so it was like talking to a brick wall trying to get monkey to cooperate with pictures! here are the pictures we managed to get... enjoy! daddy carved the big daddy pumpkin and mommy did the little one...M for mack!

2008-10-28 pumpkin

Monday, October 27, 2008

so i had this great idea this morning! i've decided that i want to do a photo collage somewhere in my house...i have several places in my house that need something! i could do it in my room since the walls are bare!! if so i would get blacks frames and use black and white are the pictures i have picked out for the collage! enjoy!

collage wall for bedroom

Sunday, October 26, 2008

up all night!!...

well still no luck with the potty training!...i had to clean up tinkle out of my floor two more times!!! oh well it's a work in progress!! other than that we had a great day yesterday. we watched A LOT of football and finally got to play on the swing set and it was gorgeous outside!! after the GA game we got a shower and got our lucky shirt on and settled in to watch the BAMA game. my monkey was asleep by halftime so i watched the second half curled up in my bed by myself. BAMA WON! it was a great game! my monkey was awake by 1 am SICK! i got him up and got him cleaned up and calmed down. i put him in my bed and starting cleaning his room..i stripped his bed, started the laundry and lit candles to help with the smell. i went and climbed back in bed with my monkey and turned to tv on because i knew i had to wait on the 2 am monkey was sick again!!! so i went through the same process again with my bed and put on another load of laundry got both of us cleaned up and made a pallet for monkey on the floor with old bedding!!! you guessed it by 3 am he was sick again!!! i went through the same process and started the third load of laundry..i was getting worried at this point but it was like a diff. baby after the third time. i made him another pallet and he fell right to sleep and i didn't hear another word out of him until 7:15 this morning and now he is running around the house like his old self...needless to say i was up until 5 am this morning doing laundry and deodorizing the house!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

it's just the first day...right?

ok so we spent the better part of 1 hour sitting on the potty! me on mine and monkey on his! my book said show an example of pottying and "get acquainted" with the potty. so we sat on our potties reading books, putting puzzles together drinking our morning coffee and chocolate milk and....nothing! so we called it quites for a while but i left his diaper off just in case....from the time i got the bathroom cleared of our books and puzzles and walked into my bedroom monkey had pee'd in my floor!!! i know this is only the first day but seriously!?!?! i hope this is not a sign of things to come!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

potty time!!

well we've had a great start to our vegg session this weekend! it rained for the better part of the day so we spent most of the morning and afternoon inside but we still had a blast! monkey slept with me last night and got up pretty early to start our day. we started our day off with a wonderful breakfast and BIG cup of coffee for mommy. we watched a lot of cartoons, put the same puzzle together 20 times and read the same book over and over!! after all that monkey went down for a nap and i watched a sappy movie on lifetime!! after nap time monkey was energized and wanting outside but everything was so wet i had to keep him inside and entertain him by chasing him around the living room. it was all fun and games until he fell and hit is eye!! bless his heart he is the most CLUMSY boy i know!! he stays covered in bruises from head to toe!! oh well he is certainly all boy!! after that the rain subsided so we got our shower and headed out and about. our first stop was target to take some clothes back from the birthday. as usual i found so much stuff "i needed". i found a cute purse but no purse no matter how cute can replace my dooney. next was a great pair of sunglasses on sale but i already have two "great" pair of sunglasses, my favorite was the adorable leather gloves which apparently are a "must have" for fall along with a scarf! i had to get out of there quick!! but i have a feeling i will be back to get the gloves before the weather turns much colder!! next stop was a dinner date at our favorite mexican restaurant which was delicious then on to's finally that time...POTTY TRAINING!!! monkey is finally a two year old and officially a big boy so we were on the hunt for a potty. of course he has to have the cadillac of potties so we settled on the potty the sings a "royal tune" when he tinkles in it!! I LOVE IT!!! we got home and put it together but he just looks at it trying to figure out how he can destroy this too...wish me luck that we will make more progress than that this weekend! i will post pictures of our new potty as soon as i get some new camera batteries and stay tuned for updates of our progress with POTTY TRAINING!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

the weekend!

well it's thursday which means it the weekend for me!!! i am so looking forward to picking my monkey up from MDO and heading home!!!! i plan on doing as little as possible this weekend! my hubby is headed to mississippi to hunt and play golf and whatever else boys do on "boys weekend"!! so my monkey and i are going to vegg for our "momma baby weekend" it's suppose to be cold and rainy all weekend...perfect weather to lay on the couch! i washed all my winter sweats and comfy socks last night so i am ready for it! i dvr'd a couple of shows and movies for monkey, bought lots of junk food, made a BIG pot of country potato soup and i don't plan on seeing the outdoors until monday!..well except for a little shing shing session with monkey in the afternoons if the weather permits!! sounds good huh? I CAN NOT WAIT!!! football will be on all weekend and it's a big game for BAMA so hopefully they will win and it will be the PERFECT weekend!!! ROLL TIDE!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

our monday adventures....

more pictures

shing shing....

well my son has officially been two years old for two days! i think he is handling it well! he LOVES his swing! that's the first place he ran yesterday when we got home from school!! he played on it about an hour then he was over it! he is two so that's about all the attention you can ask for! i started singing "swing swing" yesterday so now he goes around the house saying "shing shing" pretty funny!! after the shinging session we went in and opened ALL of the toys and puzzles and books and trucks he got and we got about an hour out of those too! next was trying on all the clothes which did not go so well because the kid HATES clothes but they all fit and are adorable! his favorite part of the night was trying on his new balance from nana II. he stomped around the house all night in them!!! here are a few more pictures from the birthday party as well as our adventures yesterday! enjoy!

ps...i forgot to mention my nana yesterday in the blog so...THANK YOU nana II for all your hard work and patience too!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

mack's 2nd birthday!!

hello all! first let me thank everyone who helped make mack's 2nd birthday GREAT! it was wonderful and exhausting all rolled together in one weekend! A LOT of hard work went into planning the party and i couldn't have ask for anything better. the food was great, everyone came and the babies had a wonderful time!! i couldn't have pulled it off without the help and patience of my husband and parents so THANK YOU VERY MUCH! of course we took 1,000 pictures so mack will remember and appreciate every min. of it! of course he loved his swing so thank you mom, dad, tim, geryl, bob and ann! i know he will make many wonderful memories on the swing set! mack was such a trooper and hung in there until the last guest left but it didn't take him long to crash when they did! all his little friends got to come including his bffs kinley and cooper! they all had a blast! i am glad it is finally over but what a wonderful day! thanks again to everyone who helped make it happened as well as those who came and helped mack celebrate the BIG 2!!! (*i will post more pictures soon...)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

i hope you guys enjoy the new fall background!! fall means birthday parties, halloween, thanksgiving and best of all...FOOTBALL!! ROLL TIDE!

Monday, October 13, 2008

one week!

wow! what a weekend!!! gavin checked everything off his hunnydo lists so now if i could find the time to finish mine we will be ready for the party!!! our fence is complete, our fall/halloween decor is out, my new picture is on the wall, mack's birthday cake and food is ordered, all party decor is bought, and the swing set has been in my garage for a week now..everything is coming together beautifully!! ONE WEEK!!! i'm not dealing with the thought of having a two year old very well!! you know your baby is growing up when you ask him is he loves momma and he shakes his head NO then laughs!! MR. INDEPENDENT!! church was great yesterday, then we had our weekly mexican lunch and off to publix to get our groceries for the week, which is always a pleasure because we undoubtedly end up with a little something extra in our buggy that mack decided he needed. i also always end up riding around with a deflating publix balloon in my car for a week since we can never get out of the store without getting one!!! here are a few pictures from the weekend...enjoy!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

whoa! holidays!!

so we're watching yo gabba gabba..which my son loves although i must say it is a strange show!!! the fence is being built as we speak...thank goodness!! no more crazy woman chasing my son down the road in my robe!! gavin also booked our flight to louisiana for thanksgiving today and i am pumped i enjoy so much for my son to be able to see that side of the family because it is rare! being at the farm is so relaxing so it makes it a stress free holiday!! the flight last year was not bad but this year we have a two year old which is less likely to sit still the entire time like last year when he couldn't walk so he really didn't have a choice! i guess it's a good thing it's a short flight!! i am so excited for the holidays this year!!! last year seemed so stressful because i was so worried about making things perfect for mack's first real christmas and he could have cared less! i can promise that he doesn't even remember it! as long as he got to rip paper off something and wasn't force to take ridiculous amounts of pictures he is just peachy!! this year will be stress free! less travel and more going with the flow will work just fine for me!!! gosh it seems like the rest of the year is a celebration between 2nd birthday, halloween, thanksgiving and christmas! whoa!! maybe not so stress free! stayed tuned to see how stress free things really are!!

good morning all! what a great morning...up and out the door on time...gavin and monkey got to spend the morning together doing boy stuff until it was time to take him to school...the fence guy is coming this afternoon to help cage in our little monkey because of course his favorite place to play is the street! between the swing set for his birthday and the fence we are hoping to eliminate his fascination...or should i say stubbornness of playing in the street!! i can't believe he is almost two! where does the time go? pretty soon it will be little league sports and GIRLS!!! speaking of girls mack is quickly making nice with miss kinley, aunt dana's niece, who's in his class at mdo. it's amazing to watch children their age bonding and forging friendships that could last a life time! here is a picture of the two of them at a bbq for july 4th...enjoy!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

happy fall!

i know it's the 4th of the day but it's so new and still so fun! just give me a few days and i will slack off! so it's 9:00 and i am sitting on my back porch enjoying the almost fall like mommy and wifey duties are over for this son is asleep, the kitchen is clean and my hubby is content in front of the tv...MOMMY TIME!! i really hope this blog will allow everyone to keep in touch when a phone call or email just seems impossible. i will pretty much just keep everyone up to date on life...i have a two year old so of course life is different everyday which means more stuff to talk about!!! i will also be posting pictures for our family that doesn't get to see my monkey as much as everyone should have the pleasure of doing!! i'm off to bed but believe me i'm sure there will be something new to read about in the morning! Good Nite all!

my monkey..

so i'm having fun learning about this blog phenomenon! here are a few of my favorite pictures of my monkey...

mack's bday!

so if you know me then you know i am a planner and you also know that Mack will be 2 in 11 days so the party has been consuming my life since about...AUGUST!!! but the planning is done and the swing set is here so now we wait! i am really excited for the party but not about the turning two part! i wish we could just skip right over that part! i hope everyone enjoyed the invitations and we can't wait to see you!!!