Monday, March 30, 2009

down on the farm....

this weekend we headed to nashville to visit gavin's cousin tottie and her precious family. unfortunatly it took a terrible tragedy to get us to nashville again but i promise we will not wait that long for the next trip. tottie and her family including her parents live on this wonderful farm near nashville that is absolutley adorable. there is so much open space for the kids to play as well as a goat named maggie who thinks she's a child and a miny horse named TP i could have brought home with me! oh yeah and the crazy dog and two cats with the addition of two kittens while we were there! it was a very sad time for the entire family but the farm was the best place for everyone to be together. especially the kids, things seemed a little brighter when all those babies were running around the farm enjoying the simples things in life, it was very theraputic for all. i am so very much looking forward to going back this summer and as if the farm couldn't get any better they are putting in a pool...i may never leave!!

in closing this blog entry i ask that you keep tottie, landon, alan elizabeth, nane, uncle butch, mark's sweet parents and anyone who was touched by Mark Word in his short life time in your thoughts and prayers. they've lost their husband, father and son, God will heal their hearts and lead them through this tragic event and every prayer will help fill up what seems so empty right now.

Thank You for all the thoughts and prayers for this special family.

below are a few pictures from the weekend....enjoy!


Margie said...

Macks hair looks cute!

codie lee said...

hey guh!!! it's
click on the girls.
then on the 2009 collection.
it's the short one with the black ribbon...
to die for!!!
it would be an awesome reception party dress!!!